The iPad Space Dock Stand Is Perfect With Your Bluetooth Keyboard

LapWorks, well known for producing quality stands and desks for laptops, has just released a new product called the iPad Space Dock. It is an Aluminum stands that holds the iPad in both portrait and landscape positions and allows display inclines of 58˚, 62˚ and 66˚.

iPad Space Dock

The six inch long stand, which presents in brushed Aluminum, is cut from a rod of solid Aluminum. The inside channel is lined with velvet-like material that provides a secure hold and prevents scratching.  

The support is provided by a T-shaped support arm that extends 2 inches. The different levels of incline are achieved through three holes into which the support may be screwed, depending on the chosen incline. 

Components of the iPad Space Dock

The iPad Space Dock MSRP is $64.95, but it currently is available on the LapWorks web site at an introductory price of $54.95.

Using It

The first thing I noticed when trying out this product is what a small footprint it has. Six inches long for the Space Dock itself and an extension of 2   inches for the support arm is not much. The second thing was how snug my iPad was held in the dock. Both vertically and horizontally it felt very secure. I put it on the kitchen counter and watched a movie while cooking and on a night stand while listening to TMO podcasts. The night stand is pertinent because my cat decided to investigate it up close and personal before we had our little talk about what was acceptable behavior and what was not. It held up nicely to her up close and personal investigation.

The thing I liked best about it was how well it worked with an external keyboard. To quote Apple “iPad supports the Apple Wireless Keyboard and most other Bluetooth wireless keyboards that use the Apple keyboard layout. Other Bluetooth keyboards may work too, although some unique or specialized keys may not be supported or work as expected.”

Personally, I like using a keyboard. I am a very good, very fast typist as I should be after all these many years, and I am most comfortable typing of a keyboard. With this iPad Space Dock stand I can sit in my living room with my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard and work without having to move my computer. That works well for me as it may for many others. I still have to tap the screen, but I am close enough to easily do it and I can set it at an angle that is comfortable.

Example of iPad Space Dock With Keyboard

The fit of the iPad Space Dock and the iPad is such that any external iPad case will have to be removed prior to use and that could be a nuisance to some users.

Do I Recommend It

I do.  It is well made, very attractive, and takes up very little space while providing a safe and useful stand for the iPad. Unlike many iPad stands it enhances the ability to use a keyboard comfortably.

Product: iPad Space Dock

Company: LapWorks, Inc.

List Price: $64.95



Sturdy, attractive iPad stand provides good support for the iPad while taking up very little room.  Can be adjusted to three levels of incline and lends itself nicely for use with a Bluetooth keyboard.



External cases must be removed from iPad prior to use of this stand.