The LapWorks iPad Recliner Rocks

The new LapWorks iPad Recliner arrived on my doorstep for review at just the right moment. I was at the beginning stages of a project that required me to email 600 individual postcards as part of a marketing campaign using Postcard Express.

I was struggling, trying to find a comfortable position in which to place my iPad that would allow me to type in the series of email addresses as quickly as possible. I needed the iPad to be at an angle conducive to comfortable typing, but nothing I tried was working. When I tried balancing it on my knees and leaning it against the edge of my desk it was too low and unstable. When I laid it flat on my desk, I had to lean over to enter the data. When I tried leaning it on a box to get it at the correct height, it wobbled when I typed. Putting it in my lap did not work, nor did laying it on a couple of thick books. Both options required me to lean over to accomplish my task. I was walking around my house looking for more ideas when UPS rang the doorbell with the perfect solution. 

LapWorks describes the Recliner as a versatile easy chair for the iPad because it quickly adjusts for any viewing or working incline. It safely holds an iPad vertically or horizontally.

Lapworks iPad Recliner

The detachable back piece can be moved up or down at any angle with a quick twist of a knob. There is a video that shows how it works on the LapWorks web site.  I was able to set up the Recliner on my desk, adjust the angle to what I needed and quickly enter the email addresses as fast as my iPad could process the messages without any discomfort. 

There is a wide rubber cushion rest for the iPad’s foot and a soft rubber strip across the top for the iPad’s headrest. The body of the unit is composed of high impact ABS structural plastic.  

I think the primary use of the Recliner is supposed to be for hands free reading or watching movies or videos, and it certainly meets that need beautifully. Particularly for those of us who may have bifocals or other corrective lenses and can relax our necks to read or participate in other visual activities only when we can focus at the appropriate angle. We know who we are. 

The Bottom Line

The adjustable nature of the LapWorks iPad Recliner presents a number of benefits to the user that simply are not available in single position stands. It can be used for hands free viewing and for a comfortable working station. It is sturdy and attractive. The unit retails for US$44.95.

The Basics

Vertical Adjustability Span: 4 inches
Colors: Black/Silver
Weight: 1 pound
Warranty: 6 months




Product: iPad Recliner

Company: LapWorks, Inc.

List Price: $44.95



Sturdy, adjustable, iPad stand allows user to set it at heights appropriate for viewing or working.  Adjustability prevents neck and back strain.


Shape and size make it less desirable to transport.