The Macintosh iLife '06

Apple Computeris iLife application suite is easy enough to figure out that you donit really need a manual to get started. Once you get beyond the basics, however, a little help goes a long way in making you an iLife pro, and The Macintosh iLife i06 by Jim Heid is one of the best all-in-one iLife primers Iive found.

The Macintosh iLife i06 from Peachpit Press covers iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb. In addition to showing you how to use each applicationis features, Mr. Heid also gives you real world project examples that make it easier to see how specific techniques can benefit you.

Instead of presenting page after page of information, each chapter is broken up into two-page tutorials, complete with full-color illustrations. In addition to application specific how-tos, youill also get some pointers on image editing, working with digital cameras and recording devices, tips on improving your techniques, and more.

If you need to photograph a panorama, for example, check out page 216. Typically, a panorama involves more than one camera shot, and this two-page tip explains how to take the shots and stitch them together in terms that real people, and not just digital photography pros, can understand.

I found every chapter to be full of great little information nuggets, and many of those gems were new to me. Well, almost every chapter. The iWeb chapter covered the basics of using Appleis new Web site creation application, but it didnit delve deeper like the rest of the book does. In fairness, you canit dig too much deeper into iWeb, but I would have loved to see something about working with multiple Web sites, and maybe just a little bit more on publishing Web sites outside of the .Mac world.

The Bottom Line
The Macintosh iLife i06 is a well organized book with everything you need to get up and running in Appleis iLife i06 applications. By covering the important stuff in two-page chunks, what otherwise could have been an overwhelming amount of information becomes approachable, friendly, and easily digestible. But even though everything you need to know to get your iWeb-built Web site up and running is there, I wish there was just a little bit more.

Product: The Macintosh iLife \'06

Company: Peachpit Press

List Price: $34.99

Vendor Price: $23.09


Pros: Lots of useful iLife tips, easy to follow instructions, some info is useful beyond the iLife apps.
Cons: iWeb coverage isn\'t quite as deep as the other applications.