The SRS iWOW-U Adds Depth To Headphone Music

Let me say up front that I like SRS products because they help us ordinary people get better sound from our iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs. I don’t have to be a sound specialist or even understand how it all works. They do that for me. The iWOW-U is made specifically to work with headphones and earphones. It connects the headphones/earphones to the listening device and enhances the quality of the sound of music, movies, games or audio books. It’s small, lightweight and nonintrusive. 

The iWOW-U package - iWOW-U, five faceplates, and Micro-USB cable

The iWOW-U works with almost any device with an audio 3.5 mm headphone or line out jack. It also works with a male-to-male cable to attach it to car or home stereos. The iWOW-U package includes the iWOW-U, five colored faceplate inserts, and a Micro-USB cable for charging the device. The MSRP for the iWOW-U is US$79.99. There is also a version available without the extra faceplate inserts for US$69.99. There is a one year warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship.

iWOW-U connected to an iPhone and headphones

Using the product 

It’s so easy to use, and yet it works amazingly well. Step #1 is to charge it, although it comes fully charged for your first use. Then plug one end to the earphones or headphones and the other into the unit. Turn on your music, movie, or other entertainment choice, press the button on the iWow-U and sit back and enjoy. The bass enhancement is outstanding. Personally, I don’t want to go back to listening to music on my iPhone without it.

I tested it using both headphones and earphones and certainly the quality of either product will have some impact on the quality of your sound. My headphones are much better quality than my earphones, and yet I could tell the difference. However, the sound quality was no different between my iPod nano, iPad, and iPhone. 

With the iWOW-U the user gets five colored faceplate inserts made from heavy duty plastic. They are easy to switch out if you know how. There is a little groove designed to allow the user to flip the old faceplate off and the new one just snaps in place.

Changing faceplates

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It does what it is supposed to do and does it simply and well. The price is steep, but if the quality of your sound is important then it is a worthy investment.

Product: iWOW-U

Company: SRS

List Price: US$79.99



Great sound, strong bass, easy to use, works with all Apple products.


None noted.