TheFind Mobile App is Just Super

Most iPhone users have been exposed to shopping apps by now. Using barcodes, they help you find the best prices for items. TheFind takes that experience up a notch and then adds another layer on top of that. And it is free.

TheFind app icon

The app, which is listed in the Lifestyle section of the iTunes store, was released November 12, 2010. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and also the iPad although some options are not yet available on the iPad. It requires OS 3.1 or later and is available in English only.  The app allows you to search using barcodes and/or topics.

The home screen gives you immediate access to both search options.

Sample TheFind home screen

Search with barcode scans

To conduct a barcode scan you click the “scan a barcode” button and your iPhone or Touch camera immediately opens. You focus the barcode within the guidelines on the screen and when it is in the proper place the app causes a picture to be taken and your camera automatically shuts back down. You immediately get a whole list of places, internet and local, where you can purchase the item.

Sample TheFind search

Click on any of the > marks and a new window will open giving you all the information available for purchasing the product from that particular location. I particularly liked the way is presented because not only can you see all the information, you can also purchase the item.

Sample product page

Search by topic

On the home page there is a field that lets you enter a topic search. I entered toaster and immediately got a list of 772 options. Some of the listings are internet listings and some are local stores.

Sample topic search

Again, when I clicked on the > mark I found additional information. When the item was found in a local store The address was listed along with buttons that allowed me to place a call to the store, get a GPS map to the store, or go to the web site along with a description of the item itself.

Sample product page in topic search

Clicking on the red plus sign next to any item in any search allows you to save that search item. Registering with TheFind web site also offers additional options including allowing you to conduct your search on your computer and downloading your information to your iPhone or Touch.

Do I Recommend It?

How could I not?  It lets me sit at home and decide what I want to buy and where I want to buy it before I ever leave the house? It is going to save me money? If I find something to consider as an impulse buy I can price check right there. And it’s free. What’s not to like.

Product: TheFind Mobil App

Company: TheFind, Inc.

List Price: Free



Free iPhone and iPod Touch app allows user to search for products and compare prices by barcode or by topic.  Works fast and provides good, individual product information.


None noted.