The Sleve2 Combination Computer & iPad Case Is Cool

Cocoon has introduced a new case specifically designed for 13-in MacBooks or 13-in MacBook Pros with a special compartment to hold iPads. It’s called the 13-in. Sleve2. The company has also included, at no additional cost, one of their removable GRID-IT!™ pads which usually sells for US$24.99. 

The MSRP for the case, including the GRID-IT! is US$69.99.

The cases, which are available in black or black & red, are made with DEFLEXION™, a shock absorbing textile according to the company. They’re also equipped with heavy-duty lightweight zippers, an adjustable shoulder strap and a hand strap. The case is available at Apple retail stores.

The bag measures 13.75 x 9.75 x 3.25-in. and weighs 1.54 pounds.

Cocoon Sleeve2 showing strap and iPad compartment on the side

There are two separate, zippered compartments: the main for the computer and the smaller on the side for the iPad, and everything fits nicely with room to spare. There is a pocket inside the iPad compartment that holds the GRID-IT!.

Using the product

So, just what is this GRID-IT!? If it is supposed to set this bag apart from other computer bags, just what does it do? 

It holds stuff.  The kind of stuff that tends to get lost in the bottom of your computer bag. The kind of stuff that gets knocked around in the bottom of your computer bag until it gets damaged. The best way to describe it is just to show an image. The numerous straps visible on the surface are elastic bands.  The user puts things where they want them on the surface and secures them with bands.

GRID-IT! (9.25 × 7.25 x 0.34-in.)

As an example, I set up one that holds all the things I need when I’m away from home — my computer glasses, my business cards, my mouse, a plug for my iPad and iPhone, an electric power source, and a set of headphones.

GRIT-IT! in use

The one big thing I need, the power source for my laptop, will fit elsewhere in the bag.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  I actually recommend it on several levels.  The bag is well made and sturdy.  The shoulder strap is wide for greater comfort.  The openings in the bag allow for easy insert and removal.  The double compartment helps keep both the computer and the iPad scratch free, and the GRID-IT! is an excellent addition for carrying all the paraphernalia we seem to need with our electronics today.

Product: Sleeve2 (Part # CLS456)

Company: Cocoon Innovations

List Price: U.S.$69.99



Well built case holds both 13-in MacBook or MacBook Pro as well as an iPad.


None identified.