toffee Leather Sleeve

Carting your laptop around isnit always about function, sometimes itis about style. If you are looking for a minimalist sleeve for your MacBook or MacBook Pro that looks sharp, toffeeis leather sleeves just might fit your needs like, well, a glove.

toffeeis leather sleeves are hand made from high quality full grain leather and sport a padded interior with a nylon lining. The sleeves are available in a wide range of colors, so odds are thereis one that matches your personality. They are available in sizes for the MacBook, 15-inch MacBook Pro, 17-inch MacBook Pro, and the 12-inch iBook and PowerBook.

The toffee sleeve

The sleeve uses a zipper closure with a leather flap behind the teeth to protect your laptop from scratches. The flaps worked great at protecting my MacBook Pro when opening or closing the zipper, and also when I slid my iBook in or out of the sleeve.

Functionally, this sleeve does what it sets out to do -- look sharp while protecting your laptop -- with out a hitch, and it really draws peopleis eye. I found that people wanted to touch the sleeve whenever I was out in public with it. It looks sharp, and feels great, and regularly drew questions like "Where can I get one?" and "Is that custom made?"

It really does look that good.

The sleeve sports a full-length zipper opening.

Since toffeeis sleeve is minimalist, there arenit any pockets or extra compartments. That means no room for a power adapter, video adapter, iPod, or whatever else you might want to stash. This sleeve is for your laptop and nothing else. I found that I used toffeeis sleeve when I made jaunts to the coffee shop or quick meetings and wasnit worried about my iBookis battery running down. For other times, I relied on more utilitarian, if not as spiffy looking, computer bags.

The Bottom Line
If good looks and making a "Wow!" impression are top on your list, toffeeis sleeve is for you. It looks sharp, feels good, and offers some shock protection thanks to its padded liner. If these guys ever make an iPhone sleeve, Iim ready to line up for mine.

For people that are looking for more utilitarian laptop protection, toffeeis offering may not be for you. It doesnit have any extra pockets or organization compartments, and there isnit any place to stash your power supply. It will, however, slide into other computer bags easily since it adds very little bulk to your laptop, so you might still be tempted by its classy looks and style.

Product: toffee sleeve

Company: toffee

List Price: $82.95


Pros: Looks great, feels great, available in several sizes.
Cons: No place for a laptop charger.