Trautschold & Ritchie’s iPhone 4S Book Covers Everything

At 632 pages, the new iPhone 4S manual, iPhone 4S Made Simple, by Martin Trautschold and Rene Ritchie, with Gary Mazo, is a serious guide for iPhone users, whether beginners or advanced.

iPhone 4S Made Simple

The book, published by ApressDecember 21, 2011, is available in softcover at US$29.99 and as an eBook at US$20.99. Both versions are available from the company web siteI also found it at Amazon for US$17.99 and US$9.99 respectively.  Images in both versions are in black and white.

The book caters to both Windows and Mac users and to those who are using an iOS device for the first time. Starting on page four are detailed explanations of each part of an iPhone.  For instance, 

Parts of the iPhone, graphic image

It literally walks a new user through every aspect of using their phone from switching from one app to another to swiping, tapping, and flicking, to using SIRI and setting protections.

From the basics it moves forward to the more complex and the reasons most people want an iPhone in the first place.  It provides step-by-step instructions for using iTunes, syncing, creating and using ringtones, using maps, using the App store, how to save battery life, and the network setup and security issues.  It also covers such important issues as international phone use and overseas travel.  Anyone who has ever been hit with a US$5,000 phone bill after an overseas trip knows how important that can be.

There are sections on using Skype and Apple’s FaceTime as well as good explanations of data usage.  There is also good coverage on setting up and using email, something that can be very confusing to anyone who is not familiar with iOS.

The softcover book is large, measuring 7 x 9-in and print is large and easy to read.  There is also a lot of “white space” on most of the page which also makes the book easier to read.  While I would wish that the illustrations and images could be in color, the black and white ones are clean and easy to see and, of course, that does keep the cost down.

Do I recommend it?

I do.  The iPhone has so much to offer, but only if you know how to use it.  In my role as leader of a Mac User Group, I constantly encounter people whose first iOS device is an iPhone (or an iPad).  They are usually a bit overwhelmed with everything.  They want to use all the bells and whistles, but they don’t know how.  This book will certainly help anyone who is unfamiliar with an iPhone learn to use it quickly and it can help those with some experience learn a lot more.

Product: iPhone 4S Made Simple

Company: Apress

List Price: US$29.99



Excellent guide for first time iPhone users.


All illustrations are in black and white.