Turn Currency Into Origami With Learn2Make3D iOS App


When I saw the Learn2Make3D app from LEARN2MAKE LLC my first thought was what a cool way to give money gifts to nieces, nephews, brides and grooms, graduates, and grandchildren. This app, which is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, works with any version that has iOS 3.0 or later.





Sample finished origami projects

The app can be found in the iTunes store in the Entertainment category. It was released June 30, 2011 and is available in English only. Beginning July 29, 2011, the app will be free. With the free app you get directions for three designs, a heart, a butterfly and a duck. With an additional in-app purchase, you can also get directions for a ring (US$0.99), shirt and pants (US$1.99), or an angel fish (US$1.99). The ring, shirt and pants, and angel fish can also be purchased as a Combo Pack for US$2.99.

The company will be adding additional patterns with subsequent updates, including boots, a bow tie, a basket, a kimono, and a different shirt. Special holiday designs will be introduced as appropriate. They are also working on apps designed specifically for the Euro, the British Pound Banknote, and the Brazilian Real.

Using the app

You can use any denomination of US currency so long as it’s a crisp bill. It needs to be crisp to hold the folds. Some of the designs, such as the angel fish require more than one bill, but that’s fairly apparent just looking at the finished product. I also found that having a ruler with a sharp edge helped achieve crisp fold lines.

The directions really are in 3D which makes it almost impossible to get confused or lost in the middle of a project. If you are supposed to fold the bill a certain way, you see that fold reproduced for you. The paper “folds”, and it continues to demonstrate the move until you indicate you are ready for the next step. There is a video that, although greatly speeded up, nevertheless, gives the best demonstration of how the app looks in action.

Do I Recommend it? 

I do. To me this is the epitome of a great entertainment app. It is fun, it has a purpose, and the user gains something, in this case, a new skill from using it.


Product: Learn2Make3D

Company: Learn2Make

List Price: Free



Fun app that teaches user how to make origami


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