Twelve South BaseLift for MacBook: Low Impact, High Usability

Twelve South has released the BaseLift, a small Smart Cover style device that attaches to the bottom of a laptop and elevates the back of your machine to improve the typing angle. It also adds additional protection for those who put laptops, well, in their laps.

As with all Twelve South products, the packaging is easy to get into and displays the product nicely. It’s compact and more importantly, doesn’t present a hurdle when you are trying to get to your new item. Once you get in you’ll see three items: A main BaseLift piece, and two additional pieces, one for a 13-inch machine and one for a 15-inch machine as additional coverage.

Next up, it’s just a question of peel and stick. Remove the clear plastic from the back of the BaseLift, and the SurfaceGrip adhesive will lock the BaseLift securely to the bottom of your laptop. There are instructions for how to line it up which make it a pretty straightforward process. If you change your mind later, no problem. You can remove the BaseLift and it will leave no residue or lingering sticky areas, and it comes off clean.

Twelve South BaseLift Applied to a 13� MacBook ProTwelve South BaseLift Applied to a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Now that it’s applied, what do you do with it? Just like a Smart Cover from Apple, you roll it back on itself and get the microfiber covered wedge that holds up the back of your computer. Honestly this is a product that seems obvious to me as someone who uses my MacBook Pro in my lap pretty often.

First of all you get the bit of elevation that makes typing in your lap more comfortable, and whether it’s folded or flat against the bottom of your laptop, having the different surface seems to make the machine less prone to slide around. I wear jeans a lot, and not only does it keep heat from my legs, but it also allows me to lift my knees a little without my laptop moving.

Twelve South BaseLift folded backTwelve South BaseLift folded back and ready to rock.

BaseLift adds virtually no thickness to the bottom of the machine and since it adheres securely it doesn’t impact travel. Even in most sleeves you won’t notice the slight addition, and if you need your laptop in your lap while traveling this is a handy addition to your travel kit. And since it’s always attached, it’s one thing you won’t forget to put in with your Mac.

One thing to note is that, also similar to the Smart Cover, rolling it back puts the microfiber on the outside. However, the BaseLift only unfolds in one direction, so you don’t have the choice to roll it the other way and protect the microfiber. So if you’re in a situation where you need to set your laptop on a surface that maybe gets used more than it gets cleaned, you might want to leave the BaseLift flat against your Mac.

Twelve South BaseLift in actionTwelve South BaseLift in action. Almost as awesome as my laptop sticker.

This is one of those devices that just gets more useful the longer you have it. While it doesn’t seem like much of a difference, that bit of elevation makes typing more comfortable and the side effect of stabilizing my laptop in my lap is fantastic. You can get your own for US$39.99 from Twelve South directly or on Amazon (available on Prime).

Product: BaseLift

Company: Twelve South

List Price: US$39.99



Protects your lap from hot and cold laptops, elevation is a nice typing angle, helps stabilize in your lap.


Microfiber stains more easily than aluminum if you set your laptop someplace questionable.