Review: Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard Designed for Thumb Typists

Rapoo’s Ultra-slim Keyboard for iPad (E6300) was designed specifically for the iPad and has a number of features that should appeal to those who type with their thumbs. Touch typists? Not so much.

The keyboard comes with a user’s guide and a USB to micro USB charging cable. It operates from an internal lithium battery. The manufacturer states that the keyboard will operate for about a month between charges.

The keyboard is available in two models. One has black keys, and the other white. The keyboard itself is made from aluminum. There are small rubber feet on the front edge to hold it in place. The back achieves a tilt from the elevated plastic wedge that contains the battery.

View of the black and white models.

This keyboard measures 8 x 3.1 x 0.36-in (203 x 79 x 9.2-mm). It weighs 5.4 ounces (153 grams). Compare that to Apple's BT keyboard without the numeric pad which is 11 inches (280 mm) wide.

Side view of the base.

There are iPad-specific keys along the top that perform functions geared to the use of an iPad. For instance there are volume up and down keys. There is also a mute key. There is a magnifying glass key (F1) that opens the Spotlight search function and another key (F2) that functions as the home key, just like the iPad’s real home key. Two of my favorite options is a forward delete and arrow keys that allow you to move around inside your text much easier than you can do with the iPad virtual keyboard.

Sample function keys.

The on/off button is on the back along with the port for the USB charging cable.

View of the underside.

Using The Product

I am one of those people who find typing on the virtual keyboards of my iPads to be tedious so I like the option of having a physical keyboard when I want to do something that requires much typing, such as taking notes at a meeting. I am also a touch typist - a very fast touch typist - and this keyboard does not lend itself to touch typing by the nature of the location of some keys and the various sizes of some keys.

However, I shared it with someone who types exclusively with his thumbs, and he thought it was great. He specifically commented on the iPad focused function keys and how little it weighs. It should appeal to people who type indiscriminately with various fingers — the hunt and peck style.

The function keys are well thought out and make working with the iPad much simpler once you become accustomed to the location of the keys.

It was very easy to set up the Bluetooth connection. I just went to the Bluetooth setting option in Settings and turned the keyboard on. As soon as it showed up on the screen I got a message telling me to type in the supplied four digit code, and it was done.

The E6300 is available from Amazon for US$49.99.

Do I Recommend It?

I do. It is well made and offers features that should please iPad users. However, I am only recommending it for those who do not touch type.

Product: E6300 Keyboard

Company: Rapoo

List Price: US$49.99



Small, lightweight keyboard is designed specifically for iPads. Well made. Offers function keys that can improve efficiency when typing.


Doesn't lend itself to touch typing due to location and size of some keys.