UNIEA Omniverse Universal Tote and Matching Case

The UNIEA Omniverse 13.3-inch Universal Tote and the matching 4 x 6-inch hard drive case are both very attractive and extremely functional. Among the features are a water resistant finish, memory foam to mold around your computer or hard drive, corner stabilizers , and a ventilated base that allows heat to dissipate in the larger version.  Both are available in black only.

The products are available in a silk fiber or nylon version. I tested the silk which has a quilted look and feel. It is extremely lightweight and soft, and the computer case weighs in at 14.4 ounces.

Universal Tote

The Laptop case has soft handles that can be tucked away, completely out of sight if desired. In the bottom of the case is a narrow wave-shaped cushion that absorbs and dissipates heat from the bottom of your computer. Perhaps one of the most important features is the fact that the interior is both shock- and heat-absorbent. The memory foam inside forms around your machine to hold it in place, although I also like the four corner pieces, two on top and two on bottom, that slip over the edges of the computer to also help hold it stable. The company calls them corner stabilizers. There are no straps in this case to hold your computer in place, but it is a perfect fit for the 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, including the MacBook Air, so a strap did not feel necessary. On the outside of the case are two pockets. One is narrow and deep, the other is wide, deep, and zippered. You can easily access your ports without removing your Mac from the case.

Universal Tote in Silk

Matching Small Case (Universal Sleeve)

The 4 x 6-inch case contains the memory foam inside, and is water resistant and shake proof because of the memory foam construction. The zipper fastener allows the case to open half way down which makes it easy to slip small electronic devices into, and out of the case. Although the case is designed specifically for a 2.5-inch hard disk, it can also be used for digital cameras, mobile phones, and MP3 players. There is a pocket on the front size of the case that will hold ear buds or cables as needed. This case is designed to be "worn" if the user so desires. There is a belt loop and an aluminum carabiner style ring.

Universal Sleeve

Bottom Line

There are a couple of outstanding features to these two products. Perhaps the most important is the shock- and heat-absorbent interior that provides such good protection for your Mac or peripheral. In keeping with that is the composition of the cases which provide a classy, expensive look, while being so light weight as to be almost no additional burden. Both males and females should be comfortable carrying or using either of these cases. I like them and hope they come out with a case for a 15-inch laptop soon.

Product: Omniverse 13.3-inch Universal Tote and Universal Sleeve

Company: UNIEA

List Price: $39.95 for the Case and $14.95 for the Sleeve



Well constructed, strong, yet lightweight cases that provide shock- and heat-absorbent protection for 13.3 inch laptops and 2.5" hard drives.  Reasonably priced, appropriate for both males and females.


The Universal Tote does not come with a shoulder strap.