Urbanears’ Platten Headphones, Cool With Good Sound

The Packaging

Before I even started testing these earphones I was impressed with one particular thing — the packaging. Now this good impression was probably somewhat influenced by the fact that earlier in the day I had to open one of those blister pack packages that requires a chainsaw to get to the product, but nevertheless, Urbanears’ knows how to present a product. 

These earphones come in a color matched, easy to open box, designed to protect the product. It is made from biodegradable materials which is a nice bonus.  The inside of the box cleverly folds around the earphones as protection, and all I had to do was lift them out and begin using them. Kudos to Urbanears.

Urbanears’ product packaging

The Look 

The earphones are available in army, black, chocolate, dark gray, gray, green, light blue, navy, ocean, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. Color choices tend to change with the seasons. If you choose a set of red earphones, then every element of that set will be red.


A few of the color choices

Using The Product

The headband can be adjusted and once I had it adjusted to my size I found the product to be very comfortable. The part that fits over the ear fits well and is well cushioned.  Volume is clear and the base is strong for an overall pleasant listening experience. I was able to wear this set comfortably for several hours and the headband did not slip. When not in use, this set folds into a small, hand size package.

Platten headphones in folded state

An interesting feature of this product is something Urbanears calls the Zound Plug. It’s a socket on one of the earcaps that allows a friend to plug-in and listen to what you are hearing. A Nokia adaptor and a neutral adaptor are included to to facilitate this sharing.  Although advertised for use with the iPhone, probably because of the attached microphone, it is important to note that the headphones work equally well with any other Mac product that use the 3.5 mm stereo plug, including all the computers.  

The built-in microphone provides adequate sound for conversations although I wish a clip had been included to anchor the microphone to a collar.

After testing these headphones myself, I passed them on to a friend of mine who is in his first year of law school. He lives on campus and has a room mate. He recently remarked that he uses earphones and music to help him concentrate on his studies. I asked him to give me feedback after he used the Platten’s for a couple of weeks.  He is very pleased with them. He likes the fact that he can block out noise and get good sound through the headphones, but he is equally pleased that he can fold them up, toss them in his backpack and carry them to the library.

This product has a one year limited warranty.  The MSRP is $60.

Do I Recommend Them?

I do. They are attractive. They are comfortable. They provide good sound and they are reasonably priced. I like the fact that they fold up so neatly.  The Zound Plug is kinda quirky, but some people might find it fun. It reminds me of the two teens I saw walking down the street with an iPod and the earphones, one earplug in each of their ears. The price is certainly reasonable for headphones with a microphone.

Product: Platten Headphones

Company: Urbanears

List Price: $60.00



Attractive, well made, reasonably priced headphones, with good sound.  Includes a microphone for phone calls and numerous color choices.



Would like the addition of a clip to attach the microphone close to the face for quick access.