V-moda Remixremote Earphones Are Cool and Serious

The remixremote high-definition noise-isolating metal earphones with microphone by V-moda are available in four metallic colors.  

The Remixremote earphones are available in 4 colors

The MSRP is $99.99 and they are available in the Apple Stores and other box stores as well as on-line. I found five sets of the Nero color on Amazon.com for $67.23.

The package includes a user manual, the earphones and two sets of silicone ear fittings in XS, S, M, and L. Also included is a pair of detachable sport earhooks designed to hold the earphones in place during sports activities, exercising, etc., and a black carrying pouch. There is a two-year warranty.

The cable features a three button remote that allows you to adjust your sound with plus and minus buttons. The third button allows you to put your music on hold and take or place a phone call, using the built-in microphone.

Of particular interest is the cable which is 2.2 mm Kelvar® reinforced and 3 to 10 times stronger than normal cables. You can immediately feel the difference in the size of the cable and after using it a bit you will realize that it does not tangle like other cables. This feature does not add extra weight as the total weight of the product is only 17 grams.


The  microphone and call control is compatible with with any iPhone and all other phones with a 3.5 mm port as well as MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro (2009 and newer models).

  • Audio is supported by all iPod models and devices with a 3.5 mm jack
  • Compatible with Apple Voice Control and Voice Over technology (iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and iPod shuffle 3rd gen)
  • iChat and Skype compatible

The whole issue of compatibility can be verified by visiting V-MODA.com/compatibility.

Using the Product

The quality of the sound is quite good. The ear buds fit well and were comfortable even with my over the ear style hearing aids.  Since adopting hearing aids I have discovered that some products do not include ear fittings small enough to share the ear canal with the tiny hearing component. I would never count that against any product, but since this product offers an XS size ear fitting it might be of interest to others who also wear over the ear aids.

The microphone is very easy to use for placing and receiving calls. The sound is somewhat tinny. This is, after all a microphone that is only a little over an inch long with a circumference smaller than a #2 pencil. There is a clip attached to the cable and the instructions recommend that users fasten the clip on a shirt collar or other like place to assure maximum sound. I found that the microphone worked best when I followed this suggestion. 

Remixremote microphone and garment clip size comparison to #2 pencil 

Now about that cable that V-moda is so proud of. They have a right to be proud. You can’t say it won’t tangle, and they are careful not to say that, but I can toss the product on the night stand or my desk, or even leave them in the door pocket of my car and the next time I pick them up to use them, they aren’t tangled.  I just lightly shake them to sort out the right and left ear buds and I’m good to go.  For the benefit of “scientific discovery” I even put them in my purse and left them there for 3 days. They didn’t get wrapped around my keys, or the ballpoint pens in the bottom of my purse, or that little pair of scissors I carry around.  There were no tangles.

Do I recommend Them?

Yes I do. I’ve spent most of my time talking about the neat extras like the cable and the microphone, but they do have good sound which is what you want ear buds for in the first place.  For the kind of microphone it is, the microphone is just fine and a great asset to anyone who receives frequent calls. It is very nice to push one button that stops the music and answers the phone. The cable is quite wonderful.  It really is.

Product: Remixremote Earphones

Company: V-Moda

List Price: $99.99



Good quality sound, built in microphone with button for instant phone call answering, and phone cables that won’t tangle.  



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