Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard Is Handy

Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobil Keyboard (97872) is made for traveling. It folds in half and comes with a travel case. When open it measures 12-in. When closed, 6.5-in long and 4-in. wide. The keys are full size, and there are numerous function keys included: arrow keys, tab keys, and sound controls. There is no forward delete. When in the open position it can be locked in place. The keyboard also includes a media console that allows you to play, pause, and control your iTunes with the touch of a button, along with volume controls for up, down and mute.

Verbatim’s Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard

The keyboard includes a pull out holder for an iPhone that allows the user to stand the phone at an angle to make for easy visuals while using the keyboard. 

Keyboard and iPhone holder

The MSRP for the keyboard is US$104.00. I found it online at prices in the mid US$50.00 range at places like Amazon.

Using the product

It is quite nice to have a keyboard handy when typing on either my iPhone or my iPad, particularly since the keys are full size which lets me touch type. Since all the keys, with the exception of the forward delete key, are present I can do whatever I need to do with ease and it most certainly is pleasant to not switch between alphabet and numeric keyboards.

Once the keyboard is locked in place, it lays perfectly flat on a surface, although I find the slider that locks the keyboard to be very stiff and difficult to move. The slide-out iPhone stand is handy. It fastens securely inside the keyboard when not in use, so there is no danger of losing it, but I am not sure how long it will last. It seems somewhat flimsy. Also, it will not hold a phone that has a thick protective case.

The carrying case is a good addition. Like any good electronic device, the keyboard needs to be protected when not in use.

Keyboard carrying case

Do I recommend it?

I do. This is one of those extras that one will love or deride. For many it will be the answer they have sought to allow them to work faster and more efficiently with their iPad or iPhone when they have serious work to do and are away from their Mac.


Product: Bluetooth Mobil Keyboard (97872)

Company: Verbatim

List Price: US$104.00



Small, foldable keyboard works with iPad and iPhone.


Lock is somewhat hard to slide.