Verbatim’s Dual USB Power Pack Charges iPads & Phones

On June 4th Verbatim released the Dual USB Power Pack. This ultra-slim unit weighs 0.717 lb (325g) and is 171 x 107 x 12-mm in size. It easily slips in most computer bags or briefcases. It offers 10,000 mAh (42 Wh)  battery capacity with a battery cycle life of 500 times. A full charge can add up to 42 hours of additional talk time on a phone, 120 hours of music time, or 30 hours of additional video play.

Verbatim Dual USB Power Pack


The package includes the power pack, one USB to micro-USB cable, one USB to mini-USB cable and a small user manual with instructions in several languages. LED lights on the top of the unit indicate the amount of charge remaining. Three indicate there is 75 to 100 percent remaining, two indicate there is 40 to 75 percent remaining, and one indicates there is 10 to 30 percent remaining. 

The MSRP for the Dual USB Power Pack is US$89.99.

Using the product

The power pack arrives with some charge, but before using it the first time it should be fully charged to get maximum benefit. One very nice touch to this unit is printing on the outside is in white, which means you can actually read it. Black on black, which seems to be a trend lately may look cool, but it is really hard to read unless you are in a very bright light. The USB port for the iPad is clearly labeled as such. 

Dual USB Power Pack in use

To use it you just plug in whatever you want to charge and remember to turn it on. Then wait for it to charge. How long it takes will depend on how much charge you need. It took about an hour to charge my iPhone 4S from around 50 percent to full charge.  Should I have wished to, I could have used the phone while it was charging.

Do I recommend it? 

Well, it is pricy, but it offers a number of benefits. Not only can you fully recharge an iPad 2 and almost fully charge an iPad 3, but you can recharge a number of other products, including some that are not Apple branded. The very sleek design makes it easy to carry, Personally, I trust the Verbatim name. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of their products. So, yes, I do recommend it.

Product: Dual USB Power Pack

Company: Verbatim

List Price: US$89.99



Charges iPads and phones simultaneously.


None noted.