Verbatim’s Wallet Drive Puts 640 GB In Your Pocket

Verbatim’s Wallet Drive looks like a standard leather wallet. It measures 4.5 by 3.35-in. It’s black with red stitching.

Verbatim’s Wallet Drive  - two views

The drive has 640GB of storage and includes a short USB 2 cable. You do not need an AC adapter, and it is backed by a seven year limited warranty. The MSRP is US$193, but I found it at Amazon and at several big box stores at prices in the US$100 range. The drive comes equipped with a 60 day trial version of Norton Online Backup software. 

There are two features on the drive that are only available to Windows users. One is backup software, and the other is turbo USB which increases transfer speeds. On the other hand, it works with OS X 10.1 or higher so Mac users with older operating systems can make use of it.

Using the product 

You plug the little end of the cable (microUSB) into the Wallet Drive and the big end into your computer and you are ready to go. OK, so that is simplistic, but that is really all you do. As soon as the Wallet Drive icon appears on your desktop you can move or copy data to it. When you are finished you eject the drive and it is done.

This isn’t a performance review — I’ll leave that sort thing up to the geeks and teckies — but I will tell you that I was able to copy my 6.5 GB iPhoto library from my Mac to the Wallet Drive in 2 minutes and 58 seconds. And considering the way iCloud has been playing hide and seek with my Address Book entries, it will be copied over next. Well, as soon as I finish adding in all the missing entries.

Do I recommend it? 

I do. I like the size very much. It will easily fit into my safety deposit box should I choose to put it there. I like how very easy it is to use. I like the looks. I wouldn’t pay the MSRP for it, but the convenience and quality is worth US$100 to me.


Product: Wallet Drive

Company: Verbatim

List Price: MSRP US$193.00



Compact hard drive fits into pocket or purse and provides 640GB of storage space.


Some features are not available to Mac users.