Video Review: yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro Earbuds

yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro earbudsReliable, good sounding, and comfortable earbuds are hard to come by for athletes, but the Ironman Inspire Pro earbuds from yurbuds manage to deliver on all counts. These earbuds even let the sounds around you pass through, making them safer for running, snow boarding or skiing.

The earbuds do a great job of staying in — assuming you insert them correctly. yurbuds offers an online video showing exactly how the inserts work, and it turns out their pretty comfortable.

The Ironman Inspire Pro earbuds include a built-in mic with controls for phone calls and music playback, rubberized cords for durability and shedding water, two ear insert sizes, and a carrying pouch. Check out The Mac Observer’s video review for more details on these sport earbuds.

How to insert yurbuds earbuds:

Product: Ironman Inspire Pro Earbuds

Company: yurbuds

List Price: $59.99

Vendor Price: $45.36



Don’t fall out of your ears, outside sounds pass through so you can hear what’s around you, durable, includes carrying pouch.


Mic quality could be better, fitting in ears might be tricky for some people.