Vintagio Takes Your Home Movies On a Journey Through Time

We still live in an age where time travel eludes us. Although, you would never know it with the iPhone video app known simply as Vintagio. With several authentic filters and soundtracks to suit, you will be instantaneously taken back decades. That is, unless you want to use the iPad in native mode.


Vintagio Screenshot Showing Pro Editing Mode

Vintagio Screenshot Showing Pro Editing Mode

The effect of taking your video back in time is achieved through the addition of effects, soundtrack, titles, transitions, video quality and photographs. For example, you can convert your home movies into faux silent movies or just plain funny home movies with a jovial soundtrack. Effects from earlier times can make your video look as if it were made in the past.


  • Edit in Express and Pro Modes.
  • Seven authentic video filters.
  • 11 original soundtracks to chose from.
  • Use your own music from your library.
  • Video quality up to HD720p (1280x720).
  • Choose the video speed and reverse for interesting effects.
  • Add titles and transitions.
  • A wide selection of editing options to suit most needs.
  • Share online to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Submit your video to get featured and rated by the community.

Using Vintagio

When you first launch Vintagio you will be presented with three key modes. Express, Pro and Show Time!.

Express Mode

If you are not interested in tweaking every aspect of your video, then Express Mode will suit your purpose. You are given the ability to choose the effect, video quality, soundtrack and time scale for those Charlie Chaplin moments. You will also be able to record new video or use video already contained within your Camera Roll. Plus, you have the ability to import music from your own library.

Express Mode Settings For Vintagio

Express Mode Settings For Vintagio

Prior to adding your selected video clip to the project, you will be able to preview it. You should be aware that there is no ability to fine edit or add additional clips when using Express Mode.

When you have confirmed the video clip you are going to use, it will then be compressed to match your settings if needed. You will also notice that your video will be converted. This process is required to add the special effects and sound loops to your project. Depending on the length of the video and the processing power of your specific device, this will take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

Once the video has been converted to the theme, you will be able to preview the end result before exporting to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or your Camera Roll.

Should you decide the video is not how you envisaged it, you are able to go back and change the settings. Doing so will understandably require additional conversion.

Pro Mode

The Pro Mode is where this app really allows you to customize your projects prior to exporting and sharing.

You will start by creating a new project name and whilst you will have similar controls as the Express Mode, you will also notice that you now have a Timeline.

Pro Mode Settings For Vintagio

Pro Mode Settings For Vintagio

Besides adding video, you can add titles, transitions and photographs into the timeline. The title and transition option will certainly add a more complete feel to your video, but it is limited by its feature set. Transitions available include fade, flash, radial fade, radial flash and dissolve. The in an out durations can be set for each transition, but it would have been nice to see a wider selection of transition options.

Likewise, text is done nicely but also lacks variety. There are several borders that appear to match a similar era and whilst you can select a simple black or white background, it would be nice to have the option to import your own custom backgrounds. There is also only five available font styles to choose from, that further limits variety.

As with the Express mode video can be captured directly within the app. The Pro Mode also allows you to insert a photograph from your Camera Roll, or you can easily capture a new photograph if you wish.

Interestingly the orientation of the video needs to match the initial video footage. If it doesn't your video will be excluded. I feel this is a limitation that could be overcome by scaling footage to match.

In the timeline, you can easily rearrange clips to best suit your needs. In fact any element within the timeline can be moved, including transitions and titles.

At the very bottom of the display in the Pro Mode, when using video clips, you have a series of additional feature buttons that allow for changes to the video such as timescale, flipping the video content, extracting a frame to turn into a photograph, setting the trim times of a specific clip or splitting a clip. Duplicating a selected clip is also available, as is removing it completely by using the trash.

Other content such as photographs, transitions and text will yield different feature buttons. Commonly, you will be presented with the Settings option for the particular content. Tapping here will allow you to change the way the content performs within your timeline.

When your timeline is complete and you are ready to export, return to the main project overview window and tap Render. Unfortunately, you must tap render in order to preview how the final video will look. There is no live preview available.

As mentioned before, the rendering process will be determined by the length of the video, quality and in this case the number of additional transitions and titles.

Once done you will be able to play the video or share it with the same set of options that are available in the Express Mode.

If you need to make any further adjustments after you have rendered and previewed the video, this can be easily done by making the required adjustment and rendering the video again.

As it is a dedicated project, you can continue working on it at a later date from the Movie Projects window.

Show Time!

If you like to view content created by others then this area will certainly appeal to you. It is a window into the creations that other people have made, with the app, and your own content can be included if you wish.

Show Time! Area Of Vintagio Showing Most View Videos

Show Time! Area Of Vintagio Showing Most View Videos

You can view content by New Videos, Most Rated and Most Viewed. Unfortunately, you are unable to rate from within the app or search for specific content. To do that you will need to go to the official Vintagio YouTube channel. 

Regardless of this limitation, you will likely spend hours browsing and watching the unique and interesting videos that other users have created.

What I Did Like

The two main modes, Express and Pro, allow users to use the app in a variety of ways that will best suit the individuals needs.

The export options are sufficient for this style of app, and thankfully export to the Camera Roll is included.

The included soundtracks and themes are fantastic. It is also beneficial that you can add your own music from the library.

What I Didn’t Like

There are simply not enough transitions and text options in the Pro editing mode. The app would be well served in offering additional options via an in-app purchase.

The lack of a live preview mode is disappointing, especially if you simply want to sample a transition effect or preview the entire video prior to exporting.

The lack of a universal app and therefore true compatibility with the iPad is a significant disappointment. Vintagio lends itself to the larger screen of the iPad, and with the higher quality camera in the new iPad, it would be of use to many users. You can use it in 2x mode, but really who wants to do that?

It is not possible to include the audio on the original record.


If your interest lies in silent movies or just plain funny home movies with a jovial soundtrack, then Vintagio will certainly appeal to you.

All aspects of the app are well thought out and the layout and design are perfect for creating, sharing and viewing unique content. The selection of styles and associated soundtracks also help in expanding the immersion of the video you create.

Disappointingly, the the variety of included transition and text options in the Pro Mode will limit some users. They are sufficient, but the app could certainly use additional options via an in-app purchase or update.

No live preview is a severe limitation, but can easily be worked around if you have the time to waste.

It is also important to note that the original audio on your video will not be included in the rendered file. There is also no option to have this turned on.

In any case the app is certainly worth the US$1.99 asking price, but I feel a free update to make it universal would further increase the value of Vintagio.

Product: Vintagio

Company: MacPhun LLC

List Price: US$1.99

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.



Express and Pro modes make creating content easy, a significant volume of usable export options including Camera Roll and YouTube, a variety of fun soundtracks that match the legacy style themes. 


Not enough transitions or text options in the Pro editing mode, no live preview, not a universal app, you are not able to retain the original audio if you wish.