Voi! Lorem™ iPhone case

Over the years we've reviewed dozens of iPhone and iPod cases and we've tried to focus on products that are unique, offer superior functionality, or both. Conversely, we usually avoid reviewing cases that have no distinguishing features. I'm happy to report that the Voi! Lorem™ iPhone case meets or exceeds our criteria -- it's unique, with unique functionality, and several other features that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. 

The most unique feature of the Lorem case is that it has a leash (which the marketing folks have dubbed, the Drop-Catch Tether™ lanyard) that you loop around your wrist to reduce the likelihood your iPhone will slip out of your hand and crash to the floor. The leash (aka DCT™l) sprouts unobtrusively from the back of the case, as shown below, and is removable if you so desire.


Photo courtesy of eNcipient, LLC

If you use your iPhone for gaming or you've accidentally dropped your iPhone more than once or twice, the leash (I just can't bring myself to call it a Drop-Catch Tether™ lanyard) can save your bacon.

The case itself, available in four colors, is fabricated from a hard-shell polymer that looks and feels like the back of your iPhone 3G or 3GS.  

Lorem c

Photo courtesy of eNcipient, LLC

Another uniqueness is that the top (aka AXENT Ring™) and bottom (which, thankfully, has no goofy marketing nickname or ™ symbol) of the Lorem™ are interchangeable as shown here:  

Lorem 1a

Photo courtesy of eNcipient, LLC

So you can mix and match like the case shown below, which features a red AXENT Ring™ atop a black backside -- an attractive combo if I do say so myself.  

Lorem 1b

Photo courtesy of eNcipient, LLC

This means you can be really stylish as long as you don't mind buying two or more of these $25 Lorem™ cases,

The inside of the case is lined with a soft velvety fabric (sigh… called Luxury Liner™ in marketing-speak), to protect the back of your phone from scratches -- a nice touch. 

Lorem 1e

Photo courtesy of eNcipient, LLC

Another nice feature is that while you use a coin to separate the AXENT Ring™ from the bottom of the case, there's a small square near the bottom of the back that's soft and lets you use your finger to poke the iPhone up and out of the case. It's not a big deal but it is another thoughtful touch.

Aside from the dorky marketing nicknames and excessive use of the ™ symbol, I have only one real gripe with the Lorem™ and that is that while the case isn't particularly thick it is thick enough to interfere with some iPhone docks and headphones/audio adapters. For example, the 1/8th-inch audio plug on the Monster® iCarPlay™ Cassette Adapter for iPod® and iPhone™ I use in my car didn't go all the way into the jack, so I experienced static and drop outs if the cable was jiggled. I suppose the thickness is necessary but I kept wishing the shell were thin enough to work well with all my audio cables and docks.

The Bottom Line

The Voi! Lorem™ is a quality case with several unique features that many iPhone users will find appealing. 

Product: Voi! Lorem™ iPhone case

Company: eNcipient, LLC

List Price: US$24.95



Good overall protection, unique leash/Drop-Catch Tether™ lanyard prevents your iPhone from slipping out of your hand, soft fabric/Luxury Liner™.


Case may be too thick to use your iPhone with some audio or docking devices.