WaterField Has Another Winner With HardCase For Laptops

The sleek, HardCase for LapTops from WaterField provides safe, structured protection for either a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro and does it with first-class style.

WaterField HardCase

The flap is smooth leather. The remaining parts of the outside are custom made ballistic nylon, a layer of impact plastic, and a layer of cushioned foam. On the back side is a large pocket with a locking zipper. Inside is a special compartment for your laptop and additional pockets for accessories. There are also pockets on the outside that are protected by the closed flap. A last bit of protection is a strip that covers the top of your laptop when the case is closed. The adjustable strap, which is removable, is the classic WaterField style that will stay on your shoulder even when you lower your arm -- one of my favorite features on all the WaterField bags.

The case features a special fastener on the front called a Paragliding Buckle. The user has a choice of hardware color and underside leather flap color, so time must be allowed for each case to be made to order. The usual time is five business days.

Underside leather flap color choices


The HardCase for the 13-in MacBook Pro is 14.5 x 11 x 3.75-in and weighs 2.5 pounds (MSRP US$239.00). The HardCase for the 15-in MacBook Pro is 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.75 and weighs 2.8 pounds (MSRP US$249.00). The following image is a good example of how the bag can be organized.

Inside view

Using the product

For my own testing, I wanted to see how much I could realistically fit into the bag and still comfortably carry it around. The following image includes all the items that accompanied a 15-in MacBook Pro in the case. The adjustable length of the strap and the comfort of the padding on the strap seemed to make a big difference in the comfort of carrying so many things. The outside zippered pocket easily held both an iPad mini, in a case, and a magazine. Since I am so short, I was more comfortable carrying the case by the sturdy handle, but taller users would probably much prefer the strap.

Items I put in a HardCase

Do I recommend it?

I do. It is well designed and well constructed. It speaks to the seriousness of your business while providing excellent care of your equipment. I also can recommend the company. Everything is made in the U.S. and communication with them is excellent. I have contacted them as a customer, not a member of the Mac press, when they didn’t know me from Adam and received prompt, excellent service.

Product: HardCase

Company: WaterField

List Price: US$249.00



Beautiful, protective case for MacBook Pro provides room for other necessities as well.


None noted.