Wireless Micro Traveler 900LS Mouse - Designed For Notebooks

The new Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Micro Traveler 900LS mouse is so easy to use it does everything except open the package for you, and even that is easy to do. I’m not kidding. You can actually get into this blister pack without the aid of scissors, knives, or chainsaws. Kudos to Genius for this little extra.

This 2.4 GHz mini mouse is only 7.7 cm long but there is enough height in the design to allow for an easy grip. There are left and right buttons and a scroll wheel. The unit is gray and black.

Wireless Micro Traveler 900LS

The mouse features 1600 dpi laser sensor which provides more tracking precision and control using less surface. It operates with a Pico dongle that plugs into a USB port. When not in use, The dongle can be stored on the bottom side of the mouse. One AAA battery, which is included, is also required.

The Bottom View of The 900LS

The MSRP is $28.99. Macs must be running OS X 10.2.8 or later. And if anyone cares, it works equally well with Windows operating systems.

Using The Mouse

Like any wireless mouse, this mouse can’t be used directly on glass. Other than that, it works very well on appropriate surfaces. It moves smoothly once you and the mouse become one. There is absolutely no installation required to use it. You install the battery, plug in the receiver, turn it on, and you are live.

I tested the receiver by plugging it directly into my notebook and by plugging it into a hub connected to my notebook. It worked equally well in both settings and I have six other items connected to my Mac through that particular hub.

I have to confess that I don’t quite get the whole 10 meter distance thing. Who can see their notebook screen from almost 400 feet away? Maybe if someone is in the back of the room working your slideshow? I couldn’t test the whole 10 meters because I don’t have any place to do it, but I was able to test 5 meters and I was able to control the mouse perfectly from that distance.

Do I Recommend It

I do. It is so easy to use that anyone can use it. It works well and it takes only a short while to get the feel of it so you aren’t overshooting your target. I like the built-in storage for the dongle receiver and the battery. And, of course, I like the fact that I don’t have to have a chainsaw to open the package.

Product: Wireless Micro Traveler 900LS

Company: Genius

List Price: $28.99



Light weight and compact mouse is designed for travel. Built-in storage for battery and Pico dongle. No special set up required and works smoothly.



Individuals with very large hands might find it difficult to use.