Wren's V5AP AirPlay Ready Speaker Has Magnificent Sound

Wren Sound Systems has created the Wren V5AP speaker to be used with iOS devices as well as Macs. Everything from the enhanced soundstage to the grill has been designed to produce quality sound.

Wren V5AP

With an AirPlay speaker, you don’t have to worry about connector designs changing, and that may be the biggest selling point for this US$399.00 speaker, but the developers have put a lot more into this uniquely designed cabinet than just AirPlay capabilities.

It has two 3-inch throw drivers, four-layer voice coils, and a pair of 19 mm soft dome tweeters positioned on the front baffle to create a wide soundstage. There is also an audio DSP-controlled digital amplifier with 50 watts of power.

The cabinet is constructed of half-inch thick Medium-density fiberboard board designed to provide a chassis free from resonance and coloration. The outside of the cabinet is wood veneer available in either bamboo or rosewood.

Finish color choices

This speaker is a hefty 6.6 pounds (2.99 kg). The dimensions are 6⅛ x 4¼ x 16⅝-in (15.6 x 10.8 x 42.2 cm). The grill incorporates radius ribs that add stiffness without diffraction and a diamond matrix that is designed to offer more open space so sound is not restricted.

The V5AP will stream music wirelessly from iTunes and any AirPlay-equipped iOS device (iOS 4.3 or later) An 802.11 b/g/n WiFi router is required, and connection ranges up to 150 feet depending on signal strength. No apps are required. Each speaker includes a remote.

Remove control inclued with each speaker purchase

The V5AP is warranted for three years.

Using The Product

The setup is quite easy, perhaps because there is an excellent printed guide included. There are instructions for using it with an iOS device, computer network, and AirPlay. I chose to test it using AirPlay with my iPhone 5, figuring that if I could get good sound from the phone, I could get it from other sources.

There is a short, perhaps ten second, delay between pressing play on my iPhone to hearing the music which I assume is related to using AirPlay. After that start, I found the sound quality to be very, very good. There was a nice balance that stayed in place at all the volume levels.

The buttons used to operate the speaker along with connector ports  are discretely placed on the side of the grill, but within easy reach.

Operational buttons

I downloaded a couple of classical music pieces to test the richness of the sound, one a piano and orchestra piece and the other an operatic aria. (I really can’t use my Willie Nelson music to test everything despite the fact that is fun to do so.) The balance was excellent and the sound was as good as can be expected from a phone for both pieces of music.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. If quality sound from your iOS devices or Mac is of real importance, and spending US$399 isn’t an issue, then this should be a worthy purchase. It is obvious that a lot of skill and effort has gone into the development of the V5AP, and the fact that it is an Apple specific product means you can get what you pay for.

Product: Wren V5AP

Company: Wren Sound Systems

List Price: US$399.99



Excellent sound from well crafted speaker works with AirPlay, 3.5mm stereo jack, and USB connections with iOS devices and Macs to provide wide spectrum of use.


None noted.