X-Doria Revel Apple Watch Case is Colorful, Durable

X-Doria has introduced the Revel line of four colorful Apple Watch cases. They simply snap on and leave all ports accessible. The case is flexible yet durable. I've been using one with my Apple Watch for two weeks, and it has grown on me.

The first thing to note about this case is that it makes a distinct statement. The Apple Watch will be protected from accidental bumps with hard objects, but the intrinsic beauty of the Apple Watch's metal will be obscured.

Fourth color is also dark, essentially charcoal. See website.

This no easy proposition, especially for me because, like many, I appreciate the aesthetics of the exposed steel and sapphire.

Total weight: 1.2 grams. All buttons and ports are accessible.

And yet...

The stainless steel that Apple uses can be scratched by occasional contact with door knobs and other hard objects that are, in principle, not as hard as steel. Here's an example of that on my own Apple Watch, now 9 months old.

Apple's stainless steel will indeed scratch.

And so, if one is more interested in preserving the pristine, out-of-the-box beauty of the Apple Watch than enjoying it daily, exposed to the elements, then this is a nifty case. It occurs to me that one might want to use this case when needed, such as outdoor events, and then remove it when at home, basking in the native glow.

Installation & Use

This plastic case just snaps on. It's made of polycarbonate, just like many iPhone cases. It's very thin, light and flexible. As a result, it snaps on and off easily, yet won't come off accidentally. On the side opposite the digital crown there are openings for the speakers and microphone.

For reference: Back of the Apple Watch.

Packaging & Price

There is no doubt that this polycarbonate case can protect a 42 mm Apple Watch's metal section. However, the colorful designs are a matter of taste. For men who don't like the brighter colors ("water color" and "floral"), there are two in a more subdued charcoal color ("marble" and "camo"). I know from experience that some people will like one of the four designs (three shown above) and others would rather tough-it-out with an unprotected watch. Or seek a different product with different design aesthetics.

Packaging is good. Maybe even over done.

Finally, the price, at US$24.99 may seem out of sync with the small amount of mass. It weighs 1.2 grams (0.042 ounce). If you're the kind of person who has a sense of value based on dollars per gram of product, you may be disappointed. Throwing in the nice packaging still won't change the equation.

Installed on my Apple Watch

Final Thoughts

I've used this case for about two weeks, and it works as advertised. If protecting your Apple Watch from stray scratches is paramount, the Revel line is well made and designed.  However, it's about $10 more expensive than other Apple Watch cases I've seen.

For now, I'm leaving mine on. I'm tired of those micro scratches.

Product: Revel Apple Watch Case

Company: X-Doria

List Price: US$24.99


We're Sorry This Is Not Yet Rated


Polycarbonate plastic is thin, light, yet durable. Stays put when installed. All ports accessible. Digital crown not hindered. Four color choices.


Expensive.  Expensive per gram of weight. Two of the four colors are perhaps too colorful for some users.