X-doria’s Cubit iPhone Case Lets Users Design Exterior

The new Cubit iPhone case for iPhone 4/4S from X-doria allows users to design their own case. The case, which comes in black or white, is made from shatterproof polycarbonate. There are 40 equal size square openings and 42 soft rubber cubes that can be mixed and matched to create designs. The designs can be changed as frequently as the user wishes. All ports and controls are appropriately accessible. 

X-doria’s Cubit case styles

The black version has cubes in black, white, and dark red for a dramatic look. The white version has softer, blue, orange, and green cubes. The MSRP is US$24.99. I found it on-line at Amazon where it will qualify for free shipping with an additional purchase.

Using the Product

It is very easy to insert and remove the phone from this case, and it offers a good grip. It’s not particularly difficult to remove and insert the cubes and they stay in place when inserted properly. Putting the phone and case in and out of my pocket frequently did not cause any problems.  

In my opinion, the black version looks best on a black phone and the white version on a white phone. I received a white case to evaluate, and as you can see from the following photo, the design and the case would have been more attractive had my phone also been white.

Design example (“N” for Nancy)

Do I recommend it? 

I do. It is a sturdy case and certainly reasonably priced. I think a certain demographic will like it, perhaps teens. The teen who lives across the way from me thought it was really cool.

Product: Cubit iPhone Case

Company: X-doria

List Price: US$24.99



Interesting case allows for individualization, a custom design.


None noted.