XtremeMac’s Tuffwrap Is Custom Designed For New iPad

Specializing in bright colors and made from high-grade silicone, the new XtremeMac Tuffwrap is designed to provide form-fitting, wrap around protection for the iPad 3rd generation. The MSRP is US$34.95, and it will soon be available from the company website.

XtremeMac Tuffwrap

The Tuffwrap is flexible, making it easy to insert and remove the iPad. It wraps around the face for extra protection and to provide added grip. There is a fairly subtle criss-cross, debossed pattern built into the case which makes it easier to hold and provides a nice design. 

The Tuffwrap is available in clear and six bright colors.

Tuffwrap color choices

Using the Product

While this product will provide excellent protection against scratches and other like damages to an iPad, it will not give much protection against drops. It does fit snugly around the iPad and should not come loose during a drop, but it just might bounce and drop a second time.  

My iPad wearing a Tuffwrap

It is possible to lay the iPad face down without touching the screen to any surface, and it is very easy to hold an iPad while in this case. The thick silicone is easy to hold, not slippery or squishy. 

Do I recommend it? 

I do with some reservation. If you want a cover that protects your iPad from scratches and marks, is easy to see, and easy to hold, then this is a good choice for you. You can get protection at a price that won’t take such a big bite out of your wallet.  

If you want a cover that protects your iPad in case of drops, then you should look elsewhere.

Product: Tuffwrap

Company: XtremeMac

List Price: US$34.99



Provides good protection against scratches and marks


Does not protect well against drops.