One new product that garnered a lot of attention at Macworld Expo 2010 is YAPPER from SachManya. The application, which won a DEMO: Best of Show award during the convention, is new on the market. Using a WYSIWYG style editor, it creates apps for iPhone and iPad and processes them through the Apple acceptance process, and it can create Android apps, too.

As a finished product it provides a venue for RSS feeds and is aimed at bloggers, newspapers, magazines, and podcasters who want an app to give instant leads to their products. It could also be used by small businesses to advertise. I can even visualize groups such as animal adoption groups using it to keep interested parties advised of pets available for adoption.

The initial setup process is fairly simple, although you do need to have some information handy before you begin. For example, you have to have a Web site that already has an RSS feed in place.

To register, you are asked for your name, log-in ID of choice, password, Web site URL, and phone number. Once your identity has been confirmed by email you can begin setting up your application.

This example of the first page shows how the process works. You enter the exact URL for your site's RSS feed, the feed name (almost always Main) and then select a tab icon. There are many tab icons to choose from and the idea is to select something that most clearly identifies your business or industry. For example, an icon of a newspaper.

Page 1 Of Yapper's Setup Process

The next setup page will require that you to have three image files ready. These will be the icons that are used on the iPhone or other device, in the App Store listing, and for the launch image. One must be a 57 x 57 pixel PNG file, one must be a 320 x 480 pixel PNG file, and the third must be a 512 x 512 pixel PNG file. Text may be used instead of, or along with, any image.

The third setup page is where you enter your app description. This is the text that shows up in the App Store when someone clicks on your icon to learn more about your app. You also enter keywords to assist anyone who is performing searches, indicate the countries in which your app should be available, and select a primary and secondary category from those offered in the App Store. You can't make up your own.

That's all there is to it, except for paying for the service. The regular price for the service is US$499 for the first year and $15 a month thereafter. During the introductory period around Macworld Expo the price has been $99. There is an option for Push Notification available for an additional $50, and the company offers custom development as well. Tech support is available by email.

The Bottom Line
For it's specific, intended purpose, this is an easy to use system that allows anyone to have an iPhone, Android, or iPad app to get their information before the public in the form of RSS feeds.

Product: YAPPER

Company: SachManya

List Price: $499



Allows user to quickly and easily get an app developed and approved for inclusion in the App Store to support RSS feeds.


Service is limited to supporting RSS feeds only. For other venues the user would have to adapt their site to meet the requirements of the app developer.