HopStop Pulls Windows Phone Support in Wake of Reported Apple Buyout

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Development for HopStop for Windows Phone has been canceled in the wake of the company's reported purchase by Apple. AllThingsD reported that the app, which was available as recently as last week, is showing up as "no longer being published" on Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace, as shown in the image below. For those who already downloaded it on Windows Phone, launching it gets an alert that the Windows platform is no longer supported. This usually happens with existing apps and services when Apple purchases a company. HopStop is a mapping service offering pedestrian routes in major metropolitan markets.


Check It Out: HopStop Pulls Windows Phone Support in Wake of Reported Apple Buyout

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The Windows mobile market is too tiny for any profits to be made.


I downloaded this app recently, and Apple’s expertise would really help. It needs lot more transit & pedestrian maps to be useful to anyone except those in the big cities it already supports. Perhaps those who work in Apple stores, and others, can feed in more data.  And I found the user interface to be kludgey.


Stupid question ? Does the app continue to work or is it kerput?

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