Apple Music Bug in iOS 18 Beta Unlocks Landscape Mode, and Users Are Loving It!

Something new has been visible in iOS 18 developer beta 2. A bug allows Apple Music to be used in landscape mode, and users are praising it as a long-awaited feature. This comes after users previously spoke out about the recommendation system of Apple Music getting better and catching up with Spotify.

Traditionally, Apple Music has been restricted to portrait mode on iPhones. This has frustrated some users (including me), especially those with larger phones like the iPhone Pro Max or Plus. However, the beta version of iOS 18 seems to have unintentionally unlocked landscape functionality.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Reddit users have lauded the bug, calling it “more like a feature than a bug” and praising its potential for improved usability on docks and stands.

byu/No1Cares-_- from discussion

The possibility of landscape mode for Apple Music is intriguing for a few reasons:

  • It would cater to users with larger iPhones who find portrait mode cramped.
  • Apple’s UI design is known for its adaptability, suggesting that implementing landscape mode wouldn’t be a major hurdle.

There’s also a hint that external forces might be pushing Apple in this direction. A commenter mentioned an upcoming European accessibility directive that mandates mobile app compatibility with both portrait and landscape modes by 2025. This could be a factor in Apple’s decision-making process.

While it’s currently a bug, the positive user response, and potential regulatory influence make landscape mode for Apple Music a strong possibility. It also remains the most used music app on Apple devices across the US. Good days for Apple Music users are ahead.

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