Apple Working on Improved Head-Control Features for Vision Pro, New Patent Suggests

Apple Vision Pro Could Let Adjust Volume or Brightness Using Head, Hints Patent

Apple seems to be exploring new ways to enable control of the Vision Pro headset using your head, according to a recent patent. Right now, there’s already a feature that lets you move a pointer with your head, but Apple is looking at more useful ways to utilize this.

The patent suggests a slider on the screen that users can move by tilting or turning their heads on Apple Vision Pro. While it’s too early to make guesses, it seems like this would help control the volume or adjust brightness using the head. But that’s just a wild guess and Apple might be thinking of hundreds of better use cases.

This could be especially helpful for people who might find it hard to use their hands. They could control everything on Apple’s Vision Pro headset just by moving their head and looking at things.

That said, there’s no clear timeline yet for when Apple might release this feature, but now that the patent is out, we might hear more about it in the coming weeks or months.

Meanwhile, Apple Vision Pro is now officially available in more regions outside of the U.S. The top-dollar mixed-reality headset is also preparing to receive the next major software update, visionOS 2, this fall. Apple is also said to be working on visionOS 3 for release in 2025.

There are reports that Apple is ditching Vision Pro 2 in favor of an affordable variant, which is expected to debut by the end of 2025 at a $1500 price tag. Recent reports from South Korean sources suggest it could feature a bigger screen, albeit with a lower resolution.

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