Imagine Being an Apple User and Waiting for Calculator

Apple Calculator App

2024 and you’re still waiting for a Calculator app? Pfft, must be an iPad user. Now, there’s no denying that Apple has a history of catching up a bit late. Sure, when Apple does come around and eventually releases features that its competitors have had for years, no one can implement these simple features better than the tech giant.

However, there’s only one question here. Why did Apple users have to wait years simply to add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers on their iPads? The iPad is a device that students worldwide use to take handwritten notes. So, it’s certainly strange how releasing a Calculator app hasn’t been Apple’s top priority. While we’re yet to get solid answers to our questions, we do have some great news!

Well, the wait is finally over

Apple’s 2024 WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) was hosted on Monday, 10th June. Apple announced multiple exciting features for iPadOS 18, that’ll be released later this year. This includes a new floating Top Bar, a customizable Home Screen and Control Center, and a new Smart Script feature in the Notes app. However, as an iPad user, the most exciting words I heard throughout WWDC, were “We’re bringing Calculator to iPad“.

Calculator App iPadOS 18

You’ll initially look at it and think it’s nothing special. I mean, it does look like the ordinary Apple app you’ve been using on your iPhone and Mac. However, the iPad’s Calculator app also supports the Apple Pencil.

So, whenever you need to solve a complex math problem, all you need to do is tap the Calculator button and begin writing your expression. Thanks to a feature called Apple Notes, once you write the equals sign, the Calculator app will work its magic and write the answer for you. Magic Notes also supports variables and isn’t limited to simple problems only.

Oftentimes, when you’re studying a complex subject like Physics and working with equations, seeing how the equation is represented graphically can really help refine your concepts. Math Notes allows you to do just that and can create graphs of equations. You can also tweak the value of a variable to see how the graph would change.

We told you so at the start — when Apple finally releases something, it definitely does it better than anyone out there!

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