How To Search Specific Moments in Videos on Photos App in iOS 18

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With the generous storage options on iPhone and the convenience of iCloud, capturing thousands of hours of videos is easier than ever. However, this convenience can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Sifting through countless videos based on vague thumbnail previews is tedious.

Apple recognizes this struggle and is introducing a game-changer in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Building on its legacy of intuitive design and AI-powered organization, the Photos app now lets you search specific moments within your videos. Apple’s intelligence scans your entire video library, surfacing the exact clip you’re looking for in seconds.

How To Search Specific Moments in Videos on Photos App

Using Search in Photos App
Image Credits: Apple

Time needed: 1 minute

Thanks to the LLM and NLP capabilities of Apple Intelligence, the Photos app now understands natural language search phrases. You can search for specific elements in videos and images. Here’s how:

  1. Update your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to the latest OS versions available.

  2. Open the Photos app and tap the search bar.

  3. Describe the relevant moment you need to find and hit Search. The Photos app should pull the relevant segment/s based on your input.

    Using the Photos App Search Function

Features powered by Apple Intelligence are limited to Apple Silicon iPad, Apple Silicon Mac, and A17 iPhone. You can still enjoy the redesigned Photos app, of course. It’ll categorize subjects in images and videos with more accuracy, plus it also recognizes the individuals in group photos.

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