16-Inch MacBook Pro May Cost Over $3000

Rumors about a 16-inch MacBook continue to circulate. AppleInsider summed up the latest developments. It included talk of an LCD display and price point of over $3000.

The 16-inch screen is again said to be a LCD model, running at 3072 pixels wide, by 1920. Assembly duties are said to be performed by Quanta and Foxconn. Should the new model have the same pixel density as the existing MacBook Pro, that suggests the screen is approximately a 16.4-inch display on the diagonal. Any such device would have to be at some point in the manufacturing process now. Prior to the 2016 MacBook Pro, milled shells of the new case enclosure started appearing in April, for the October refresh. At present, it isn’t clear if the report by UDN is uniquely sourced, or a repeat of previous predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo or other venues. UDN also believes that the model will come in starting at about NT$90000, over $3000.

Check It Out: 16-Inch MacBook Pro May Cost Over $3000

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