2020 Will be a Big Year for Apple, and AR

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It is fairly common that Apple is not the first mover with a technology, but it then subsequently takes that technology into the mainstream. Mark Gurman at Bloomberg Businessweek thinks that with Apple set to release its smart glasses, that could be the cases with AR. It is looking like 2020 could prove to be a very big year for the company indeed.

The coming year will be critical for Apple Inc. Consumers should expect its most impressive hardware rollout in some time: The iPhone is due for its first major update since 2017, including 5G support, a much beefier processor, and a rear-facing 3D camera. The latter will give the phone a better sense of where it is in physical space, improving the accuracy of object placement in augmented-reality apps, which overlay virtual images on the real world. That could make it easier for users to model, say, the placement of pictures on their walls.

Check It Out: 2020 Will be a Big Year for Apple, and AR

2020 Will be a Big Year for Apple, and AR

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  1. geoduck

    Uh, it’s Bloomberg. Until they retract the totally debunked spy-chips-in-every-server story, I have no reason whatsoever to think they are correct this time.

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