Why Does Apple Price Products Like This?

Man wearing AirPod max

Jason Snell shares three things for Apple users to expect when they’re expecting a new product. Sometimes the price isn’t right and Apple doesn’t sell as many units as it hoped. But reports are saying the AirPods Max are already backordered until March, so it’s a good start.

Today’s Apple seems to be executing a different strategy, pricing their products a bit higher in order to provide some room for sales, deals, and other marketing efforts.

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One thought on “Why Does Apple Price Products Like This?

  • Considering how successful they are I would say that they know what they are doing.

    My Bose Quiet Comfort 35s are fine for my needs. The cushions are starting to deteriorate, but I can get OEM replacements for about $40 with tax. That being said maybe in a few monthsI will get a pair of these. They look to be well built and the controls are easier than my the ones on my Bose. I am not audiophile and they probably sound great to my 70 year old ears.

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