The clues are all there. Apple has a mind to move its Macs to the A-series CPU. We discussed this at length on our TDO podcast recently. And now, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities has confirmed it. Mike Wuerthele at AppleInsider reports: “Kuo also predicts that Mac models will adopt Apple’s A-series processor in some form starting 2020 or 2021.” So does that mean the 2019 Mac Pro will remain with Intel CPUs? And then make an abrupt jump in 2020?  The mind boggles.

Check It Out: Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Says A-series Macs Really Are Coming

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  1. iVoid

    I find it unlikely that the “Pro” models will be the first to change. More than likely the Air, base MacBook, and maybe the ‘new’ MacMini. Even if the A chips are as fast as some Intel chips, they aren’t going to be able to outperform the higher end chips yet.

    Plus Apple will have to have some kind of software emulation for Intel apps. So that would likely be 10.15, so we’re still a year out at the soonest.

    Personally, I really don’t feel like going through another processor architecture migration.

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