About Twitter’s API Stupidity

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I was going to write a rant—OK, another rant—about how stupid Twitter is being its APIs and third party apps. The company announced a change that will effectively render third party clients useless without change—this after the company killed its own Mac client. Twitter has confused its ^#%$ desire for me to use its service on a browser with my desire to do so. Because I do not want to. At all. Anyhoo, enter John Gruber, who already wrote the rant. It’s a good one.

To me this is like finding out you’re now required to access email entirely through a web browser. Sure, lots of people already do it that way and either prefer it or think it’s eh, just fine, who cares — but a lot of others hate it and find it completely disruptive to longstanding workflows.

Check It Out: About Twitter’s API Stupidity

One thought on “About Twitter’s API Stupidity

  • So use the browser – it’s no more difficult. (joking, of course!!) And, Apple is no better – take for example MAIL. Why oh why did Apple take away the ability to “delete mail from server” ???? I don’t do Web based Mail, period – most all web based mail has been hacked hence I love Apple’s MAIL app but noooo – now I must go to web mail (earthlink – which of course wants to sell me a bigger in-box when I never needed a bigger one!) once a week to delete mail off the server. It was a simple command in MAIL and unless I’m on crack – on my Sierra system it ain’t there.
    1 year supply of Rice-a-Roni (in my case one box) to anyone that can tell me how to “delete mail from server” w/o going into WebMail. 📡

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