AirPower, And Other Products And Firms That Died This Decade

Apple AirPower wireless charging mat

There are plenty of firms and products that were with us a the start of the decade that are no longer around. CNET compiled a list of some of those that have disappeared or never even existed. This includes Apple’s much-hyped AirPower charging mat, that never got shipped.

Sometimes they just feel dead because a company doesn’t update or even mention them for a while. The Apple iPad MiniMac MiniMacBook AirMac Pro and iPod were on our endangered list for years before Apple surprised us with upgrades to all. On the other hand, the company’s AirPort router line and Time Capsule backup drive also were on a long death watch until they finally landed on Apple’s vintage and obsolete product list this year. You just never know… Apple, with its much-hyped-but-never-shipped AirPower wireless charging pad is my Could’ve Been King of the decade. Google’s Project Ara modular phone and Theranos’ unproven blood-testing tech are other rivals for the position, but while highly newsworthy, neither felt as eagerly anticipated by the tech world as the AirPower.


Check It Out: AirPower, And Other Products And Firms That Died This Decade

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