Amazon is Increasingly Pushing The Limits of Privacy

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Amazon announced a host of new hardware products at the end of last month. One of those was the Ring Always Home Cam surveillance drone. Wired highlighted how that product, and others, are prompting major privacy concerns about the company.

Meanwhile, the biometric data that Amazon Go will collect is particularly sensitive, because unlike a password you can’t simply change it if a hacker steals it or it gets unintentionally exposed. Amazon has a strong record for maintaining the security of its massive cloud infrastructure, but there have been lapses across the sprawling business. The stakes are already phenomenally high; the more data the company holds the more risk it takes on. “Amazon has a major genomics cloud platform, so maybe they hold your DNA and now they’re going to have your palm as well? Plus all of these devices inside your house. And your purchase history on Prime. That’s a lot of information. That’s a lot of personal information,” says Nina Alli, executive director of Defcon’s Biohacking Village and a health care security researcher.

Check It Out: Amazon is Increasingly Pushing The Limits of Privacy

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