What is Happening with Apple’s AR Glasses?

apple headset

There’s a lot of excitement around the iPhone 11, new Apple Watches, iPads and so on. Wired though looked to the future, and how Apple is progressing in developing AR devices.

How Apple gets from phone-tethered smart-glasses to something a fully realized spatial-computing platform—or how long it takes to do so—remains unclear, but elements of the road map are hidden in plain sight. “A lot of the tech they’ve already built and fully deployed is critical to their goal of building a discreet AR HMD platform,” Kuang says. As an example, he points to last week’s announcement that the iPhone 11 models could take photos of pets in Portrait Mode: “That’s a good example of them working in little tweaks that don’t appear to have relevance to AR, but are super-meaningful if you’re a developer. The ability to recognize nonhuman faces significantly expands your ability to build tools and experiences.”

Check It Out: What is Happening with Apple’s AR Glasses?

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