The Apple Card is made out of titanium, but just how much? Bloomberg Businessweek wanted to know, so they sent one off to an expert to find out.

A Bloomberg Businessweek reporter sent his card to a mineralogist, University of California, Berkeley professor Hans-Rudolf Wenk. Professor Wenk used what’s known as a scanning electron microscope, or SEM device, to determine the card’s atomic makeup. He found that the answer is about 90%. The rest of the card is aluminum, according to the analysis. The Apple Card isn’t the first credit card to be made with metal, as both American Express and Chase offer their own heavy cards, but Apple’s stands out, given the company’s push to market its metallic essence.

Check It Out: Apple Card is 90% Made of Titanium

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    • gGrant

      I believe they’re painted white. You can tell those suckers quite easily. The video clearly shows a metal card, and the suckers get white painted tin… with a cleaning warning.

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