Should Apple Have its own Debit Card?

John Detrixhe argues that Apple should release its own debit card to prepare for the wave of contactless cards.

But consumers typically avoid moving their financial accounts and tend to be faithful, even when they dislike the service. An Apple debit card is a chance for the Silicon Valley-based company to give customers what they want—for God’s sake—before someone else does.

I’m not sure I’m sold on this idea. For a debit card maybe Apple could work with the bank it uses for device financing. I think what would be nice though is for Apple Pay Cash to work more like its own bank.

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One thought on “Should Apple Have its own Debit Card?

  • Now this is a really GOOD idea – especially if you could:
    1. load the card with a foreign currency at the best rate [i.e. not your banks] then pay only one exchange fee when you finish your holiday/business travel…
    2. cap the spend to a limit of your choice [i.e. within your ability to pay, not to borrow, which might not be the same thing, but would also help to block fraudulent use]
    3. assign a random, but legitimate temporary Card number for making online purchases, then regenerate a new one, there are services which can already do that.

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