Apple updated the Final Cut Pro trademark earlier this week. Spotted by Patently Apple, it indicated that Apple could introduce a subscription model for the video editing software.

On Monday Apple filed an update to their trademark ‘Final Cut Pro’ in Europe adding Nice Classification #42 that hints that Apple could decide to go the way of Microsoft’s subscription model for Final Cut Pro by adding in that class verbiage covering “rental of software.” When you go directly to the WIPO IP Portal under Class 42 one of the first things that you’ll see listed is a header titled “This Class includes, in particular.” Under its third point it states: Class 42 covers Software as a service (known as SaaS). So it’s not just a boiler plate entry from Apple, it’s a core value.

Check It Out: Apple Files Update to ‘Final Cut Pro’ Trademark Allowing For Cloud Subscription Option

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  1. geoduck

    Not really a surprise. They have been pushing everyone else to go with rental software. Fortunately I don’t use FCP.

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