Ewan Spence writes that the iPhone X Plus won’t save Apple. (From what?)

…the year on year growth of the iPhone family has been disappointing at best.

That line is too funny not to share. While I won’t pick Mr. Spence’s article apart Macalope-style, I will share a few thoughts. He writes that there is no “increased demand” for a bigger iPhone X model, iPhone tech is “heavily inspired by the feature set found in Android,” (Hmmm) and “the passionate supporters of Cupertino are at saturation point for new devices” (These iPhone owners disagree).

The fact of the matter is, and always has been, that the iPhone’s year-over-year growth is only disappointing if you’re a Wall Street short-term investor, of whom Tim Cook repeatedly says Apple doesn’t care about. We’ve reached Peak Smartphone, and sales simply won’t mimic the highs of the first few years of the iPhone.

Check It Out: Sorry Apple, the iPhone X Plus Won’t Save You

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  1. vpndev

    Ewan’s being paid for clicks, not content.

    “Apple to collapse next week !!! ” will always get clicks. National Enquirer sells at grocery checkouts too.

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