Apple Needs Its Own Version of Google’s ‘Don’t be Evil’ Policy

In its early days, Google famously touted its ‘don’t be evil’ policy. Now, it’s being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice. Ed Hardy at Cult of Mac thinks Apple should adopt its own version of that policy, to avoid ending up in similar legal and political difficulties.

When deciding how to handle something, Apple must ask itself, “Even if this will make us money, will it also make us look like jerks?” That doesn’t mean it can’t remain a very profitable enterprise. But it seems like many of the changes that would polish Apple’s image wouldn’t cost that much, relative to current profits. And they’d help head off government oversight. The Department of Justice and Congress, along with the E.U. Commissioner for Competition, are watching Cupertino closely. Apple doesn’t want any of these governmental bodies forcing major changes on its business.

Check It Out: Apple Needs Its Own Version of Google’s ‘Don’t be Evil’ Policy

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