Robert Williams, contributing editor at MediaPost, noticed his ear prick-up at the sound of an advert for Apple News+. However, he suggests that the service might need to offer a little more to back up the increased promotion.

Apple’s promotional activity for Apple News+ is another sign of how the company plans to promote the service. The company is said to be working on content bundles that offer savings when customers combine services such as Apple Music and Apple TV+ with offerings like its Apple Arcade gaming platform… I’d also like to see more dynamic content in Apple News+ aside from static magazine pages. A handful of titles have added video covers and links to shopping websites. There is also a possibility to develop a wider range of interactive features for the service.

Check It Out: More Apple News+ Promotion is Welcome. More Features Would Help Too.

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  1. geoduck

    I have a feeling that the slow adoption of AppleNews+ is that people are getting fed up with everyone trying to put a hand in their pocket. Monthly subscriptions for TV feeds, and software, and on and on are getting absurd. I’m seeing all over the web the beginnings of a real pushback against this model. People are getting nickelled and dimed into the poorhouse.

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