Israeli wallet brand Emmanuel Wallets is boycotting digital wallets like Apple Pay, saying it’s harming the physical wallet industry.

Classic wallets have accompanied the human race for centuries and serve as a practical means of maintaining a means of payment and a fashionable accessory. A wallet is the type of item one holds, such as a phone… so it’s part of its unique style and personal branding. No technological gimmick, not even one promoted by the world’s largest tech company, will succeed in reducing the popularity of a physical wallet.

“No digital wallet will succeed in reducing the popularity of a physical wallet.” Well then, what’s all the fuss about?

Check It Out: Israeli Wallet Company Says Apple Pay Is Killing Physical Wallet Industry

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  1. aardman

    I would venture buggy whip makers two turns of the century ago professed the same general attitude that Emmanuel Wallets holds today.

  2. davebarnes

    I reduced my physical wallet size from “regular” to compact with a Secrid wallet. So, I would not be buying this Israeli company’s large wallets anyway.
    I look forward to leaving the house with only my iPhone as a payment device. My wife is an Apple Watch payment person.

    Traditional wallets are dying. Find a new business.

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