We Need an Apple Prime Bundle

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+

One thing we were expecting but didn’t get at the event Monday was a bundled packed of all Apple’s services. Macworld‘s Leif Johnson noted that if both TV+ and Arcade cost $9.99, like Music and News+  do, then that is 4 different payments totalling $40. Not only is that expensive, but it is also more complicated for customers than it needs to be. The obvious model to be emulated is that of Amazon Prime – a monthly payment with everything included. It is not too hard to implement, so it might yet happen.

It’s a problem that a good subscription bundle from Apple would help solve, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to predict that we’ll see such a bundle when Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade both drop sometime in the fall (possibly alongside the release of the next version of iOS). Indeed, if we look at its competitors, Apple appears to be dragging its feet…”

Check It Out: We Need an Apple Prime Bundle

One thought on “We Need an Apple Prime Bundle

  • We do, absolutely – I don’t have News or Music, but I do have 1TB iCloud storage, oh and Dropbox, oh and SmugMug and so on.
    I’d be a lot more in favour of an Apple Prime at a sensible, affordable rate..

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