Apple Releases Another AirTags FirmWare Update

Two AirTags

For the third time in recent days, Apple released new AirTags firmware on Tuesday. AppleInisder reported that the software mainly contains bug fixes. It is automatically installed over the air.

It is unknown what the new firmware with version 1.0.291 (A1291e) brings, and Apple has released no documentation to support the revision. However, the update is expected to bring bug fixes and general improvements to the product. The past firmware was upgraded to the same version number but with a different build number — 1.0.291 (1A291c). The last firmware was released just five days after the previous one debuted.

Check It Out: Apple Releases Another AirTags FirmWare Update

2 thoughts on “Apple Releases Another AirTags FirmWare Update

  • I’m in a similar boat in that I bought a 4-pack, so far have activated 3 of them, yet they all are still at 276. And it isn’t due to lack of network access, when I’m out and about, there’s plenty of time to download an update with the phone being close to the AirTag. OTOH I haven’t noticed any lack of performance, just want to get the latest, like everyone else 😉

  • Did Apple pull the two previous firmware updates? My one and only AirTag is sitting at 1.0.276 since it was purchased. It’s been sitting by my iPhone every night since the first firmware update was announced and no update so far.

    At least with AirPod firmware updates, they happen over a few hours with AirPods sitting next to your phone. AirTags appear to be a different story.

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