Apple Wants $1 Billion from Samsung for iPhone Patent Infringement

Apple v Samsung justice scales

Apple and Samsung are back in court for the next round in their years-long legal fight over copying the iPhone’s design. This new trial is to determine how much money Samsung owes Apple for patent infringement. Apple is pushing for US$1 billion in damages, and of course Samsung is balking. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out considering Apple was originally awarded over $1 billion, but that was cut back dramatically over the years in the ongoing legal fight. Maybe now Apple can get that number pushed back up. Bloomberg has more about the new damages trial.

Check It Out: Apple Wants $1 Billion from Samsung for iPhone Patent Infringement

One thought on “Apple Wants $1 Billion from Samsung for iPhone Patent Infringement

  • And this site talks about patent trolls and patent abuse? Did Apple actually invent ANY of the technologies they are trying to “protect” or did they just buy patents from other companies?
    Apple won the “war episode I” via a “fixed” jury – the amount was mitigated by Apple losing invalid claims such as pinch to zoom and swipe to unlock so who’s the troll? Lucy Koh made clear who was ginning up the dollar figures above provable loss and yet still we are here – the stupid Corporation suing it’s own supplier. I know one thing – this is decades of millions of dollars going to drone associate lawyers that could just as easily go to the homeless or poor or scholarships. Ahh well, let them eat cake, right? ⚔️

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